GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack

An expansion of the popular game franchise that adds more vehicles

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The GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack is a GTA IV mod that adds new vehicles and enhances all aspects of driving-related gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar Games is an ambitious game, but the developers had to make some sacrifices for licensing reasons and to maintain compatibility with the average gaming PC at the time of release. GTA IV mods, which are not directly supported by the developers, are an opportunity for advanced gamers to overcome these limitations and fashion the GTA IV experience into their ideal.

Users should recognize that such mods are usually not user-friendly. They require overwriting core game files, and the user will have to learn how to configure the mod. Another point of concern is the power requirement. This pack in particular is aimed at high-end PCs, and users who just meet the minimum specifications for GTA IV will not be able to maintain consistent performance with this mod installed.

If the user's PC is powerful enough to run this mod, then it provides a number of advantages. The first advantage is that it adds and replaces generic default vehicles with more than 100 authentic vehicles, including Hummers and Lamborghinis. The pack also adds new sound files so that the cars sound authentic when the engine revs or the horn blares. The mod also supports vehicle features that were not in the core game, such as folding headlights and movable vents.

This mod also changes the gameplay experience by replacing many of the default scripts related to vehicles. With these scripts in place, vehicles will spawn randomly and with realistic concentrations, which avoids the long line of same models that happens in the core game. The new scripts also adjust traffic so that it flows more naturally, and even individual driver AI has been updated.


  • Includes more than 100 accurate vehicles
  • Includes many new authentic sound effects
  • Optimizes traffic, driver AI and vehicle spawning


  • Mod is aimed at advanced users
  • Configuring the mod can have a steep learning curve
  • Mod requires a high-end PC relative to the GTA IV specs

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